The benefit of living poor.

There exists 4 types of people, the rich, the working class, the poor, and the ones that want to be poor to abuse the system (the poor rich)

I am not rich and I am not poor. I work for a living and make a decent living. I pay for medical insurance, I do groceries, buy clothes, and all of life’s necessities with money earned – like many of us working people do. I cannot afford $100 dollar sneaker’s, steak, nor eat McDonald’s 3 times a week. I receive no assistance, nor will I abuse of it; and having worked at the system, I am pretty sure I know ways of abusing it.

Now, the rich poor are people who do not work (but are secretly able to), receive section 8, Temporary Assistance, and SNAP, yet are able to wear Jordan’s, walk around with Dr. Dre Beats, have UGGS, have iphones, have cars, eat shrimp and steak, are having gastric bypasses, breast reduction and augmentation, and cosmetic surgery. My health insurance will not even prescribe me a diet pill.  Let alone, I cannot even afford a pack of underwear every pay day.

I am not going to ask how they do it. I know how they do it. Many have their baby mama or baby daddy living in the home and have not reported it. Some people work and do not report their income either. The system is taken advantage of and does nothing about it.

Many of the people who work in the system don’t follow the books. I have been there and have seen it all. But, no one does anything about it. Some worker’s view it as job security. I look at it like “my earnings given away.” I am in no way judging wrongfully. I know there are people who truly need the assistance to become successful. However, there are those that come from other states and countries seeking the “American Dream” of living rich poor.

Benefits should be given to those who are unable to meet their needs due to a serious cause. Not merely because they are claiming anxiety, depression, or back pain. When I visit my local Wal-Mart, I find people with Parkinson’s, people in wheelchair’s, and others you wouldn’t think of working, working – still making a living.

If you can work on the side doing automobile repair, than you can work a real job. Yes, I came across that also when I used to work in the system. A person claimed disabled – not being able to work a job, however, made a side living repairing cars.

Here are 11 presidents who overcame disability

How can we empower and motivate those who need self-determination and autonomy? What does “The American Dream” really mean?


One thought on “The benefit of living poor.

  1. Very interesting perspective!!
    I have never thought about it before but I have always respected the United States and other countries for their systems of supporting their people. I come from a country that does nothing for the poor except making them poorer. It is hard to see how people are taking advantage of their government’ support.

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