Discovering Filthy

via Daily Prompt: Filthy

Filthy is a term that can be described in many different ways. My version of filthy is Dirty, Sweaty, Dusty, Smelly, Poop, Pets, and the list goes on. Use your imagination as you read.

First, we’ll start with dirty. Dirty dishes in the sink for over a day, is filthy. Dirty are clothes worn more than two times without washing. Months of dirty laundry is dirty and smelly. Sheets that a mattress has worn over months is filthy. Filthy is a child with a dirty ring-around the neck and dirt in between their fingers – not to mention smelling like must.

Have you ever gotten in someone’s car, or your own, that smells musty? A car with days of left-over food and litter all over the floor is filthy.  A refrigerator that has old leaks and stains, such as milk crust on the shelf, is filthy.

Filthy is dust that has been lingering for so long that it becomes part of the surface it’s on. Filthy are air ducts that, 20 years later, have never been cleaned. Filthy is storing so many items in a room or closet that it becomes the home of pests and rodents. Filthy is a ring around the toilet urine stain.

Filthy is a pet cage the smells and hasn’t been cleaned for days. Filthy is a yard with old dog poop – some with flies lingering around it; the same fly that comes into your home when you open the door and settles on your dinner plate. Filthy is a dog who rolls over on his own poo after doing his business – each and every time.

Filthy are words and phrases that sometimes come out of people’s mouth.

The perception of filthy is different for everyone. What’s normal for me may not be normal for you. These are just some of my opinions of filthy. Many times we don’t want filth around us, but sometimes we just can’t avoid the filth in our lives.



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