I tried Curel Hydra-Therapy Lotion

I received a sample , in the mail, of Curel Hydra Therapy Wet skin moisturizer for dry and very extra dry skin. It’s applied to wet skin for quicker absorption. According to the Curel website, after showering our pores are open which causes our skin to absorb the lotion quicker – the results are supposed to be immediate. The price of a  12 oz. bottle from Target is $10.99. The sample is just enough for 1 to 2 applications. It also brought a $4 coupon.

After bathing, I applied the lotion while still wet. It felt as though I was rubbing slime all over me. I then towel dried myself which took most of the lotion off. The only difference I felt was an uneven feel all over. Some parts of my skin felt normal while other parts felt as though the lotion had not absorbed. The advertisement states greaseless – it doesn’t feel greasy but definitely like a residue. Maybe I’m just not used to body lotion…

 I usually don’t apply anything to my skin. I drink lots of water and that seems to keep my skin from becoming dry.  I will stick to drinking water. Curel Hydra Therapy is not for me.


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