Thinking of running a Home Childcare Business? Read this first.


Opening a home childcare business can be rewarding but can also be disappointing. Here is something to think about before opening a home childcare business.


  • Providers can make decent money
  • Work is from home
  • Providers can set their own schedule
  • Providers can go outside as you wish
  • Providers can have a 2 hour break while the kids nap.


  • You cannot find a substitute or an assistant to take time off.
  • When you take time off, you don’t get paid.
  • You’ll be lucky to have at least 4 or 5 full time kids to make a decent amount of money.
  • Your house no longer feels like your house.
  • Parents maybe running late to pick their children up, often!
  • Parents may show up earlier than normal to drop their child off.
  • If you have infants, going outside is almost impossible and not worth it.
  • With infants, you won’t get a 2 hour break while the other children nap.
  • When one child gets sick, they all get sick including yourself and your family.
  • The parents don’t respect your home.
  • Children act up when their parents or other adults arrive.
  • You’re constantly cleaning your floors and sanitizing toys.
  • By the time your day is over, you have no time for anything else.
  • Parents need to be reminded often to bring diapers and formula.
  • Parents show up on a holiday to drop their child off when they’ve been told numerous times that Daycare is closed for XXX Holidays.
  • Parents blame you for words or phrases children learn elsewhere.
  • Parents treat you less than their self because you’re just a babysitter. They don’t realize it’s your business.
  • Parents try to abuse daycare time by bringing their kids more than the hours they work; practically from open to close.
  • Parents don’t provide a 2nd set of clothes and their child has an accident.
  • Parents ask if you can babysit for a date night.
  • They want you to potty train their child but put no effort at home.
  • Parents get upset if you terminate their child.
  • There isn’t any business.
  • Too much competition nearby.
  • Property damage.

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