Interview after Interview: Why doesn’t anyone hire me?

I have been interviewing for the past 2 months. I have spent a countless amount of time applying for jobs online through and through corporate websites. While I have submitted over 50 applications, I have only had 4 interviews. All interviews claim that 2 or 3, of the interviewees, will be contacted for a 2nd interview. However, I have only been contacted for a 2nd interview from one of the places.  

During the 2nd interview of one of the organizations, I felt as though the person they brought in to interview me was judging me in her thoughts. The 1st interview, which was with 2 other individuals, went fairly well which is why I was called in for a 2nd interview.  

I have an AA, a Bachelor’s, a Master of Science, and am working on a Masters of CMHC. I also have a degree in Medical Assisting and a post bachelor’s certificate in Theories of Mental Health Counseling. I am truly not understanding why the difficulty? I feel that I answer the interview questions very well. In fact, during one interview, I was told that I had a strong skillset. I was also asked what I was looking for in salary. She stated they may not be able to offer what I was seeking due to the position requiring an Associates but preferring a Bachelors. So why even call me for an interview? 

There was another interview I had with, I believe, a supervisor and a Chief Officer. Well, the Chief Officer would ask me a question and during my response, she would yawn. That felt like a shut down for me, very disappointing. I had no other way to perceive it, but, that she probably had too much to eat for lunch or was probably having a very busy day. 

Either way, life can be difficult in many ways! Ways in which we may never understand and sometimes, ways that are more difficult than others.  

I believe that knowledge is power, and I have all of the experience these places need. I know I can perform the duties and exceed their expectations because I take pride in my work.

I just don’t understand… I guess I have to view it as, “Something better will be coming my way.”


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