I gained 20 pounds in 1 month.

Yes, I have gained a miserable 20 pounds in a month. The only change was that I began working from home. I feel miserable and now have back pain and knee pain. I have to lose those 20, like now!

I have never believed miracle pills for weight loss. Neither do I believe in fad diets. However, with my urgency to lose those 20 (that do NOT belong there), I purchased Phen Q. After having read so many great reviews, I wanted to try for myself since everyone’s body mechanism works differently.

I purchased 2 bottles and received 1 free. That is a total of 3 months. 1 pill is take with breakfast and 1 with lunch. The second pill should not be taken too late in the day. According to the instructions, it may cause insomnia. I am usually not hungry very early, so I take 1 around 10 am with my brunch and the other around 2-3. So far, I have not experienced insomnia resulting from Phen Q.

After taking each pill, I feel a rush of energy. No rapid heartbeat or other side effect. It does cause thirst which is good. I can easily drink a gallon during the first half of the day. Before, I could barely drink a gallon at all. I have only been taking the pills for 3 days and have not weighed myself. I’ll give it at least a week or two before weigh in.

I’ll continue to post updates.

(Disclaimer: I am not being paid nor was asked by PhenQ to review this product.)



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